Short-Term goals (for version 0.8.0)

The next release after 0.6.9 will probably be 0.8.0, as we skip the odd numbers and pretend to have a stable system... We might release a 0.7.0 (or more) though, if there are smaller glitches that need to be fixed and which don't justify the 0.8.0 release yet.

Anyway, here is what is on the list for 0.8.0 so far:

  • recode the login handling in index.php
  • add multi-auth support to setup
  • add new rights manager to other modules, first the public folders of webmail2
  • add Excel and Word preview support to webmail2
  • assign translations to Smarty in their own array (called 'hashmap') instead of cluttering the 'global variable namespace' in the templates with all the translaton keys as variable names
  • move htmlarea to a central place and add it to notes