more.groupware development

Here you find some information about more.groupware development issues I am involved in. If you need general information about more.groupware, head over to

The future of more.groupware

These texts shall help in making clear where we are heading with more.groupware development, and what steps lie ahead of us. They form a 'Roadmap', but this might be a bit misleading, as there are no (not yet) estimated or even exact dates in these documents.

They are subject to discussion (after all, that's why you read this now), so feel free to comment!

I'll stick with the Debian philosophy for now; it'll be released when it's ready.

sneak preview

The mgw_Core.pdf is a first part of documenting the database relations.

There may be more or less other files here, like screenshots or code snapshots. Take with a grain of salt... :)

Developer IRC sessions

Below are log files of IRC session that were help in the past. They are partly of historical interest, partly they contain ideas and suggestions still worth considering.

The devtalk-*.html files are HTMLized logs, they are summarized in the summary-*.txt files.


If you are using more.groupware, and want to support my work on it, you can start to code and submit your work to